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Produktnummer: 220516

These CE-approved drinking water tanks for vertical installation are made of polyethylene and are tasteless and odorless. Very stable and insensitive to mechanical stress. A flange plate as inspection cover is already pre-installed, so that extensive sealing work is not necessary. Filler neck and tank vent included. The filler neck has a 1 1/2\" male thread. The tank vent has a 17 or 19 mm hose nozzle with a 3/8\" thread in the cover. There are also two additional 1/2\" female threaded connections pre-installed for connection to the on-board water supply. Hose diameter: 10 or 12 mm. Height dimension: 30 mm for filler and air vent. Instead of the tank cap of the flange plate, the filler kit can optionally be used to fill the tank via a tank nozzle. Straight or (in combination) angled (90°) connection. Hose connection: 40, 50, 60 mm. Available vertical drinking water tanks in 2 different versions or sizes: 70 liters vertical, 100 liters vertical. Color: white. Material: polyethylene. Also available in 2 horizontal versions under item numbers 220518 as well as 22051/p>.

Breite: 300 mm
Farbe: weiß
Grundmaterial: Polyethylen
Höhe: 410 mm
Länge: 660 mm